Awakening is a term of the game that evolves a specific member to become much stronger with enhanced abilities. Awakening is only possible to characters as:

HERO: Obtain an ☆5 [awakening weapon craft] (you do not have to own the member)

Members: Fuse value must be at least 2+ (which means you have to get the member at least 3 times) to awaken. The lower starred (★2/3) Awakening weapons are for the members.


  • Hero HP/ATK stats increase by 2x ATK value of awoken weapon. Members increase by at least 6x fold.
  • You can only equip the ★3 awoken weapon if the Member is +3 and up
  • Awakening weapon crafts have Great Successes and they can succeed to a ☆7 weapon, which is incredibly powerful.
  • The required materials to make the Awakening craft weapons for Hero is less than the Member's crafting (Hero craft has no trophies required as material).
  • Hero crafts can only be obtained in the slots. Member crafts can be obtained by achievement, giveaway, or rare in Treasure Ships (Pb


  • If you have a Member's Awakening weapon but the fuse value isn't enough you can still access their Weekly Stages.

So far, these are the awakening weapons needed to awaken:

Awoken Members
Longsword Esper Mistralbow Coffins

Wyvaw Brush