Bosses are powerful, often large enemies that reward their exclusive items when defeated. There are a total of 5 battles in each boss fight. You face the boss in Battle 1, 3, and 5 (gets stronger each round it appears) and other relating enemies on Battle 2 and 4. When defeated, you can obtain boss themed Dress(es), Accessories, and Weapons. Difficulty includes Technical Mode and Normal mode. So far there are 13 bosses in the game total.

Volcano Turtoise

Hermit Crab

Ancient Axototl


Castellated Dragon

Evil Gargoyle

Burning Phoenix

Gold Mask Sphinx

Three-Headed Serpent

Temple-Mimicking Octopus Guard

Ghost Knight Bababaron

Battlefish King Marlin

Mimicky Rabbit of Wonderland

Hidden Mega Fortress Tower Kamen