Yerald Origin


PPS Attribute Scissors JP Name サイボーグ
Ideal use Beatstick Rarity ★6 Occupation/Type "Cyborg"
Skill "Omega Lasers"


Shoots 9 lasers than bounce off the screen (pierces)


Same as TAP TAP ATK (LVL5) 40%x(varies) 9(lasers) TURN ATK (LVL5) 40%x(varies) 9(lasers)
Description Cyborg was a good way to innovate new gameplay and attack style, but its damage and sizes of common enemies brought it down. In addition to prior attacking, ZOOMING IN increases its concentration of attack;meaning treasures an enemies can be hit more. Keep in mind that the lasers bounce off the screen no matter where it is at. Overall the damage is rather low but good for clearing out bomb hazards (although that barely happens) and chests. Last but not least, this is a machine and it will explode when it dies dealing quite high damage.
Range Weakpoint Priority Air Atk Displacement
∞:Omni (zoom-based) If hit 0 No
Obtained from... Gold Ticket Slot, (slot varies)
Specials -Zooming in prior to kicking increases concentration of attack. in theory more zoomed in = more hits but less enemies to hit.

-Will commence countdown to 3 when dead and explodes (short range) (700%x1)

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