This is a special collab that happens annually at the same time Gungho Festival is held in Japan, May 25th. It includes a total of 6 Gungho collabs; three that includes the original allies in one slot.

This collab includes: Puzzle & Dragons, Divine Gate, Summons Board, and Ragnarok Online.


Pierdrawn Satan Metdr Metdrl Goldr Yuka Ginj Hika
Kyusubo Whtisubo Behrusubo Desdom Dondom

All collab slot dresses included from ALL the collabs


Each battle, there is an assistant character to help you. The character on the left is on your side and cannot be knocked out.

Battle 1 (Picotto Kingdom): Picosuke vs Deidara

Battle 2 (Ragnarok Online): High Priest vs Mastering (High Priest will heal you, but Mastering is so adorable!!!)

Battle 3 (Sengoku Tenka Trigger): Strategist vs Devil Nobunaga (Strategist makes cute squeaky noises whenever it throws items)

Battle 4 (PAD): Siegfried the Blue Champion vs Chaos Devil Dragon (Probably the best battle ever!)

Battle 5 (Divine Gate): Akane vs Arthur

Battle 6 (Summons Board): Behemoth vs Kyuubi

Obtainable Servants: Metabon, Tamadra