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Lupin the Third Attribute Scissors JP Name 銭型警部
Ideal use Beatstick Rarity ★6 Occupation/Type "Police Inspector"
Skill "ARREST!"


ϟGrapples up to 5 enemies and shocks them (∞ range)


Same as TAP TAP ATK (LVL5) (~80%x3 [# of shock]) x 5 (cuff grapple) TURN ATK (LVL5) (~80%x3 [# of shock]) x 5 (cuff grapple)
Description Though his ATK isn't very much he is still a great utilty. His attack can also stun, which buys or saves you time. His range is limitless you can activate this wherever.
Range Weakpoint Priority Air Atk Displacement
Seek 1:Max 5 closest targets No
Obtained from... Rolling Lupin III Slot<i>
Specials none