Members, AKA "soldiers" are the units used in the game to fight against enemies. There are 35 known members (from PP series, including Awoken ones) and many other (limited) members from various Collaborations. They are ☆6 units that are rolled from Premium Slots. In update 4.4.0, Awakening was introduced in the game, where specific members are equipped with special weapons to "evolve" and become stronger (with different ability).

Some can induce statuses, others can seek enemies; in which they directly jump nearby an enemy and damage them.

You cannot have a collab members as a lead, with the exception of using a NPC during a collab.

Member pages will have their Japanese name in case. Names of the Members can be found here.

In addition, all Member ability descriptions are explained as level 5 on this wiki.

  • If you choose not to activate an ability, simply land to the ground or bump into an enemy. Damage: 300% x 1.

There are some types of special members that can take advantage of difficult battles.

  • Members capable of Flight can be suspended in the air depending on their final position. There are some benefits to this.
  • Machine Members are known to explode and damage anything nearby them (member or not) in a three second countdown. The only known Machine Members are Cyborg and Mechanic.
Awoken Members
Longsword Esper Mistralbow Coffins

Wyvaw Brush



John Zell Lat Mage Umasuku

Tribus Tengus Jawa666 Monkus Musici

Stormre Ninjus Guardes Espus Assass

Piratesc Scientist 9111 OZbIweT Herules

Jokesterous Campi Patte Pt al Hstsum

Gam Yerald Perfo Crunch Kusudama


Shizuku Mitsu Chitose Arare

Shigure Hina Kurumi