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Status is a mechanic of a game that can affect both the player and the enemies. These are the common statuses so far:


Noticed by the character blinking a fading yellow and electricity. That character will not be able to move or make an attack for a turn. Members like Bodyguard or Kuroko Shirai are able to induce stun.


Noticed by a flask on the left side of the HP gauge. Each counter reduces HP by 5% every turn and can be stacked up to around 5. Does not wear off till next battle or dead. Members like Pâtissier or Master Fencer are able to induce this.


Noticed by circling energies on the character. For members, it reduces damage to 1 if it is lower than their attack (enhancement included). It prevents knockback and wears off after a turn. Members like Guard or Miku Hatsune V3 are able to guard.


Some members and enemies possess this (Ex: Yin-Yang Master). Quickly noticed by a clear dome shield. Although there may not be an obvious sign, it nullifies a single hit. There are a certain amount of counters before the character is vulnerable to hit.


Noticed by a tailed vector mark on the left side of the HP gauge and emitting a hexagonal aura. Attacking the enemy with reflect will deal back the same damage in return. Damage from reflection can be reduced by certain dresses, or can be negated by certain members like Riza or Astrologer. Accelerator is the only member who possesses reflection.

Dead/Knocked Out

When a member's HP goes down completely, it is unable to move or attack. On Normal stage, it will come back next battle with little HP (inc. throughout if battles remain). In Technical/Extra, it will leave a green healing heart and WILL NOT MOVE ON TO NEXT BATTLE.

Enhanced (Donut)

If a character comes in contact (or the attack) with the donut, it enlarges. It also gives 25% healing and 1.5x attack boost. It wears off if the character dies. Note: for the Musume members, it does 3x atk instead.


Noticed by a character blinking a fading black. Those affected by this will land a "Miss!" more frequently until next turn. Members Ultimate Madoka and Akuma Homura cannot be blinded.

Undead (Enemies Only)

Noticed by a gravestone mark on the left of an enemy (Also wisps surrounding them). This means regular attacks will only deal 1 damage to them.


Noticed by a shield with a down arrow (defense) or a sword with a down arrow (attack). It reduces the character's stats according to the percentage and type. Members like Master Fencer and Akuma Homura are able to inflict such thing.


Noticed by red energy rising up on the character. As it suggests, it increases attack by a certain amount. Servants such as Sakura Matou and Bebe buff the Hero by the Servant's current stats. It wears off at the end of the turn.