Tickets are a currency of the game used to progress throughout the game. Tickets should be used wisely and ideally be saved up to get something more.

Premium Tickets


Premium tickets (☆3) are one of the most valuable currency of the game. It is used to obtain new Members, dresses, accessories, and more. Ways to obtain them are:

  1. Completing ranked levels that reward Premium Tickets.
  2. Daily log-ins.
  3. In-app purchases (IAP) (uses ¥)
  4. Other live events
  5. Achievements
  6. Gifts

Tip: NEVER Retry using these, nor spending it on princess boats.

Challenge Tickets


Challenge tickets (☆2) are used to "revive" when the player runs out of kicks. They are also used on princess boats to increase crown value. Ways to obtain (max quantity of 1) them are:

  1. Completing ranked levels that reward challenge tickets.
  2. Daily log-ins.
  3. Possibly events.
  4. Achievements rewarding challenge tickets.
  5. Gifts

Friend Tickets


Friend Tickets (☆1) are used to roll the Friend Slot to get common items and monthly items. Ways to (easily) obtain many of them are:

  1. Using a friend's hero or a friend uses your hero (obtain 1 for both options)
  2. Completing ranked levels that reward friend tickets (higher the area level, the more tickets awarded)
  3. Achievements rewarding friend tickets.
  4. Possibly events
  5. Daily log-ins
  6. Gifts

Navi Tickets

Navi tickets (☆1) are the green tickets used to outline the distance of the kick when playing. They cost 1 premium ticket in the Navi Ticket Slot. They only serve this purpose and are not really recommended to use unless more precision is needed. Ways to obtain them are:

  1. The Navi Ticket Slot (costs 1 premium ticket per roll. Quantities are 10, 30, and 50)
  2. Gifts

Tip: Don't use these.

Gold Tickets


Gold tickets (☆5) are special tickets used to only roll the Gold Ticket Slot. These are only distributed during an event. Ways to obtain them are:

  1. Royal Slot (ロイヤルコレクション)
  2. Achievements rewarding gold tickets
  3. Gift after completing the event area.
  4. At the Prize Clearinghouse for 200000Chip