Left: Week Stage, Center: Limited Stage, Right: World Areas

These area stages are to provide your allies with assortment of weapons and their full power. All of these area stages have 5 normal ranks. To access an ally's stage, you must own the ally, but they do not have to be in your team. For the Awakened ally stages, you can access it by crafting the corresponding Awakening weapon.

Limited Stages

Limited Stages are a necessary part of the game to further make your Upgrading of items more efficient. Rotating every day at Japan time, every day makes certain limited ally stages available. Being limited these are the condition that follows:

  • First entry costs coins. After this, second and beyond costs a Premium Ticket (not recommended).
  • There is a limited time that you can actively spend your time in this stage, which is 60 minutes. Once the counter on the ally stage selection reaches 0, you cannot enter that ally stage again till it comes around next week.
  • All chests contain upgrade stones. Higher chest tier = better upgrade stone.
  • Invade drop Gold Boxes that can contain the ☆4 or rarely, ☆5 upgrade stone.

Week-based Stages

These stages unlike the Limited Stages are accessible anytime of the rotating days. Fairly easy to clear, all battles except invade do not drop Gold Boxes (Gambler with exception), but rather the chests ONLY contain very common items that you probably will never use, but sell. These are the facts of the Week Stages as follows:

  • Invade (somewhat rare rate) have a chance to drop Gold Boxes possibly consisting of a certain ☆4 dress, ally themed fashion accessory (depending what stage you are doing), a special ☆3 weapon, and/or ☆4 craft of a weapon using that special ☆3 weapon.
  • Jewel Boxes contain very common fashion accessories

Rotation Throughout the Weeks

These are the rotations of both stages throughout the day set in Japan time.

Set stage (on 24/7): Dresses (Week)

Monday: Swordsman (Knight), Esper (Superhuman), Guard, Gambler, Sniper, Mechanic

Tuesday: Archer (Hunter), Fighter, Musician, Assassin, Jester, Cyborg

Wednesday: Mage, Wild-ling, Pirate, Pilot, Pâtissier, Performer

Thursday: Lancer (Dragon Knight), Ninja, Ying-Yang Master, Vampire (NightStar), Summoner, Bodyguard

Friday: Samurai, Gunslinger, Enforcer, Warrior, Phantom Thief

Weekends: Acessories, Dress (Limited)